We live in North Devon with our 2 cats, Binka & Beau, in a little 200 year-old house by the sea. We surf (badly) and when it’s a little warmer, we swim amongst the waves and eat from food trucks while the sun sets over the ocean. 

We’re not ‘settle down and work 9-5’ kinda people. We want to have the most fun lives, live in as many countries as we can, collect stories and stamps in our passports, go on adventures, meet new people and explore the world. We often get asked if we want to put down roots, and maybe we will one day. But wherever we are in the world, home is wherever we are with each other. 

When it comes to weddings, we're all about the experience. Because your wedding isn’t about the colour of the bridesmaid dresses, the font on the stationery or the blooms in the bouquet. It’s about your relationship, your life-defining love for each other and all the things that fill your future. 

So have fun, have an adventure, and do whatever you want! Because you know what? Your love is special because it's yours and yours alone. And we want to celebrate it with you, in whatever way you like, just as long as it’s a way that’s true to you. 

Cameras round our necks,
adventure in our hearts,
passports in our pockets
and cats on our laps.

Our adventures
outside of wedding photography and videography

Amy is the kindest, warmest, person I know, and the biggest empath that I’ve ever met. She’ll cry numerous times throughout a wedding day, and will always cry during the ceremony, without fail.  

She’s insanely organised and has a spreadsheet for everything. If I ask her a question, I’m invariably sent a link to a spreadsheet. It’s getting to the point she’s going to have to make a spreadsheet for her spreadsheets. And she’s a total perfectionist. I often find her editing into the early hours, endlessly fiddling with light settings because every photo needs to be perfect and she can’t sleep until it is. 

She’s a bit of a social butterfly, floating around a wedding day, making friends with anyone and everyone. She can always get the most beaming of smiles out of people, and has this enviable ability to fit into any social situation like she was always meant to be there. 

She has five older brothers (which is how she’s basically a dude!), and two of them are professional photographers as well. Photography has always been a big influence in her life, and she plays the camera like a musical instrument. Combine that with her relentless perfectionism, her magical ability to put anyone at ease, and her warm, romantic editing style, and you have yourself one kickass wedding photographer. 


Hi, I’m Nick. This is Amy. 

Nick is the loveliest human, and a warm, calming presence. He’s always up for an adventure and down for anything, and he’s just the best. And he’s clever! He’s one of those people that just knows stuff, you know? He’s good at articulating himself, so when I get stumped trying to explain something, Nick translates for me! He also drives me everywhere and cooks for me. Basically, if it weren’t for him I’d be misunderstood, stuck at home and hungry. 

Before he became a videographer, he spent 9 years in the Navy - he's even spent a total of 1 1/2 years underwater in Submarines. But there’s only so many nights you can spend surrounded by seamen! And eventually the temptation to follow his dreams and do what he loved became too strong to resist. So he surfaced one last time, took up his camera alongside me, and here we are.

And he’s so passionate about what he does. He gets adorably excited when he finds the perfect sound bite to go with a video. Or runs in with his laptop to show me a particularly emotional bit of footage he’s caught. Because as much as he’s always ready with a bit of banter, he’s actually a massive softie. He loves capturing those authentic moments of emotion, when a groom can’t hold back the tears, or the whole wedding party are pissing themselves at the speeches. 

He always says he wants to “make people laugh and cry” with every video. He loves what he does, and between you and me he’s pretty bloody good at it. 


hi i'm amy. this is nick.


A little while ago, we arrived to a wedding morning in chaos. The bride ran up to us with scarecrow hair and fear in her eyes. Shit had hit the wedding fan and we were minutes away from an apocalyptic bridal meltdown. But Nick gave her a cuddle, calmed her down and fetched her a glass of prosecco. Amy reworked the timeline, rounded up the wedding party and got things back on track. 10 minutes later, a calm and collected bride was slipping on her dress to the sound of cooing bridesmaids. 

Is it too much to say we saved the day? Maybe. Actually, you know what? Yeah, fuck it. We saved the day. 

And that’s us in a nutshell, really. The calming influence who’ll give you a hug and chill you out when it all gets a bit too much. And the hyper-organised extrovert who’ll step up and get shit done when you need her to. Weddings are fun, exciting, emotional rollercoasters, and sometimes they can be too hot to handle. But whatever happens, we’ll be by your side, bringing only the good vibes, and giving you that perfect wedding day you only hear about in stories. 

(Having said that, we would still prefer to spend our time having fun, making friends and capturing epic photos and videos. So please do try and get your own shit together if you can). 

That Sunday Kind of Love

"WOW, DAMNNNNNNNN! That’s some mad skills, omg we’re so impressed! We can’t wait to show our family and friends!! Thanks for the wonderful experience, we had so much fun with you guys. You both are such lovely people and made us feel so comfortable throughout the whole shoot!"

Lydia & Gerard

These two are the absolute dream team! So much passion, drive & enthusiasm & just love what they do which shows in the AMAZING work they produce!

It was a pleasure to share our day with you, you rock!”

Katie & Ryan

"Amy and Nick did such an amazing job in our wedding, the photos are just perfect and the videography is unbelievably beautiful! They allowed my family in South America to feel the happiness of that day and that meant everything to me. We're so thankful to have had them be part of our day and we couldn't have chosen better!!!"

Cam & Francy


Let loose, be intimate, go crazy, or maybe just have some downtime together away from the papping crowds. Whatever it is you wanna do, we wanna be right there with you capturing every amazing minute of it in photo and film. 

Do we sound like your cup of chai? You know what to do....

LetS get this party started!