Sparkling Beginnings

Sparkling Beginnings

Amy Chapple


11 February 2024

Essential Tips for Newly Engaged Couples

You’re engaged, go scream it from the rooftops, Monica style lovers!! 🥂

Firstly, we’re sending you all the celebration, congratulations vibes on this next step of your love story and whilst we hope you are feverishly typing all the details in the comments section, we thought we would share a few tips for your engagement season that we have collected from our couples and some of our personal favourites.

So, pour a glass of something nice, squeal “I’m a fiance” one more time and dive into our Tips for Newly Engaged Couples:

1. Indulge In The Moment.

One – Let it sink in, there are going to be a lot of people wanting to move you onto the next phase, asking things like “when’s the big day?”, “have you booked a venue yet?”, “you will have to ask x to be a flower girl” but now more than ever you need to settle into the magic of old romance. Getting engaged is a timeless gesture and it deserves to be treated as such, indulge in the moment, the weeks/months surrounding it and most of all each other. 

2. Set Boundaries.

Two – Set some wedding planning boundaries, yup “setting boundaries” may be a questionable step but trust us it’s vital. We’re pretty confident we could write another blog post on this topic but in short, wedding’s can be a stressful time, with a lot of opinions and demands. Our suggestion would be to get ahead of this and make it crystal clear, that the who, what and why of your day, will be solely dictated by you both and not your Great Aunt who you’ve met once. P.s. This includes the length of your engagement.

3. Dedicate Time.

Three – Create space and time for wedding planning, if you’ve organised anything remotely this important before, you will know that it’s not something that just comes together overnight, even an Elopement takes planning. We’ve found that the more dedicated time you have to discuss as a couple, the smoother the process will actually be. This could look like coffee at the kitchen table or even an extra date night. 

4. A Few Of Your Favourite Things.

Four – Make a favourites list, that’s right, whilst brown paper packages tied up with string may seem pretty niche, at least Julie Andrews knew what she liked. But seriously this could be the most important thing we’ve seen some of our couples do and it has really helped guide them to the Wedding of their dreams. As a couple write down all the things you love to do together and that as a couple makes you happy. This could be anything from checking out brunch spots, to hosting family, to trying new things. Whatever it is, write it down and see how you can incorporate it into your Wedding Day. For example, if as a couple you love to hike, why not find a beautiful spot on a mountain and swap your aisle for an adventure or if brunch is your thing, swap out the four course meal for bagels and bucks fizz. We’re living in a really exciting time where there are so many possibilities for your Wedding Day, make it about you and you won’t be disappointed.

(insert images of couples doing thing their way – showcase adventure)

5. You’re On The List.

Five – The guest list, it’s time to write down the names of those that you just couldn’t do this without. Your nearest and dearest, the loved ones who have celebrated you all the way! We’re pretty confident you’ve got this but we would definitely suggest doing this AFTER you’ve written down your “Favourites List” just in case it impacts what you both want your day to look and feel like.

6. Document This Season.

Six – You are officially in your engaged era, trust us when we say – you’re going to want to remember this. There is nothing like the bubbly, romantic pre wedding excitement and it’s something we absolutely love to capture for our couples. Our Adventure Sessions  are the perfect opportunity for us to do just this and a great way for us to get to know eachother better before your special day. The photos and film captured can also double as a very special “Save The Date” or “Wedding Invitation” which we absolutely LOVE.

Once again, a huge congratulations on your engagement, enjoy the love and we hope the tips above help you stay in the magic of this season. For more valuable insights and information head to our website for additional tips and inspiration.

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