Sparkling Beginnings

Sparkling Beginnings

Amy Chapple


11 February 2024

Your wedding day, one of the biggest days of your lives. A day focused on just the two of you, and surrounded by everyone you love the most in the world. The joy, the tears, the dodgy dancing, the laughter, every aspect coming together to make your day perfect, and celebrated exactly how you’d hoped. 

The day passes quickly, but memories stay forever. You’ll always have your beautiful photographs to hang on your walls, or to open in their gorgeous album when family come round to visit. Although, what about the speech a family member made, and the part where they had to take a seconds break before they were overcome with beautiful emotion. The words, or the pause can’t be captured in a still image. And that pause… is everything. How about the elegant sways of Grandma as she watches you taking your first dance. Or the pure sugar high from the littlest guests as they run off the 2nd ice cream they’ve managed to sneak in. They grow up fast. Or simply just the laughter in the moment of you getting ready with your closest friends for one of the biggest days of your life. None of this can be captured in just a photograph. 

As time goes on, new family members are introduced to the world, and some may leave. A film of your wedding will save that moment in time, it has the opportunity to introduce the newest members, to the ones no longer here. Keeping them with us, over and over again, in some of their happiest moments. It is such a beautiful chance to involve everyone who couldn’t be there, or who can’t be there now, to your special day. 

Emotions are at the forefront of a wedding. The gift exchange from your husband/wife to be. The father/mother of the bride seeing you for the first time. When your future husband sets eyes on you from the top of the aisle. The speeches, and finally the first dance. There are so many beautiful opportunities, from so many different people who love you the most in the world, you wouldn’t possibly be able to capture all the ones that mean the most. Your wedding film will be sure to have a focus on the perfect moment, to capture the pure emotion. Leaving you reliving parts of the day you didn’t notice, making your day so much more than you initially imagined, or could have hoped for. 

How often do we look back and remember the most special days, through foggy interpretations, and a whole bunch of guesswork. This day you know is going to be up there with the best, filled with a thousand memories you’re never going to want to forget. Is there a question on whether a wedding film is needed, we very much doubt it.

Create the perfect occasion with your loved ones to relive the day with your film and view it all together, along with all your beautiful images too. 



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